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Making it easier is a flexible app with many settings and customisation options and this can be daunting for some. Making it easy and accessible is an ongoing effort and as a part of that effort we partnered with UX Writing Hub. Their students reviewed key sections of the app, came up with lots of ideas and helped us test some of them. Big thanks to the students and everyone who volunteered to test the new suggestion

s. The new solutions will roll out gradually. These are the ones you’ll meet in our new version 6.3.

New sign in and onboarding

The sign-in screen now has additional information about the app’s offline mode. We have also added onboarding screens to the app to inform new users of the potential of the app and guide them through their first steps.

Simpler terms

Some terms have been renamed, notably “parameter” which is now “tracker”, and “aggregation” which is now “combined data".

Simplifying complex screens

Complex screens like adding a tracker have been broken down into several simple and informative steps.

Visualising choice trackers

Choice trackers in are visualised

as pie charts - from this version we have also added line charts for them so you can see how your selections change over time.

More configurations options

You have requested more options in the settings and we are delivering. Some of the additions include:

  • Option to disable trend arrows

  • Option to always hide entry hour in entries list

  • Day average is a new aggregation option that averages values across all period days

  • Simplified graph settings

Future versions will focus further on usability and making the app even easier. Let us know what you think about the changes we have made!

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2 comentarios

Mel Finehout
Mel Finehout
04 feb

Hello, been using your app for years even before the name change and it’s always been the best in class, thanks.

Recently I decided to upgrade and use the app instead of many others.

But, I can’t seem to find the “multi-tracker” option, where it give you the option to track multiple things on one screen. Is that gone?

I hope not. I already didn’t like the decision to get rid of the “yes” and “no” buttons though you can use ones and zeros of course. The psychological impact of answering yes or no seems diluted.

So, 1. Just a vote to bring back the “yes/no” option. And 2. Are the multi trackers gone?

The latter might be a deal…

Me gusta
28 sept 2023


Thanks so much for all of your efforts and successes in creating the significant enhancements in with v8.3.1 !

Way to Go!🙂

Me gusta
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