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Get motivated by self tracking

Track habits and activities in your life to get insights and achieve your goals.
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“For a successful life, or successful business, measure what you want to improve.”

Jerry Bruckner

Get motivation and better understanding of your habits and activities in your life by using, an app that lets you track what's important to you, gain insights and acheive goals. is a customizable solution that suits many scenarios. It is a one stop app that allows for easy logging, data visualisation and goal tracking. is available for Android, iPhone and as a web app so you can use it wherever you go. It is free to use with more advanced features available for an annual subscription.

Here are just a few of the things you can use for

Weight, smoking frequency, body fat, reading, TV watching, habits


Medicine intake, blood pressure, diet, symptoms frequency and severity


Running, swimming, heart beat, gym exercises


Log your data

Tracking stuff is the heart of Start by defining what you want to track, it can be anything that you can come up with. Now you can add entries and over time see the changes and trends.

Log data whenever you want or set up reminders to be notified when you need to log new data.

Visualize and analyze

Logging your data is only the first step, once you have some data lets you view it in multiple ways so you will get better insights about it.

The main app's screen is the dashboard which shows a customizable summary of all your data in one place. For more detailed look dive into each of the parameters to see line and pie charts, various forms of aggregations, calendar display and statistics.

Set and track goals

The saying goes that a goal properly set is halfway reached, and is a great tool for handling goals.

Set and track goals for your data with various options for time periods and data aggregation.



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