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Happy new 2024!

Happy new year to everyone out there, I hope 2024 is the year in which we will achieve more of our goals and meet our resolutions.

I am working on some major changes to the app but while you are waiting there is a new version of the app with some nice enhancements to make your tracking more enjoyable.

With version 8.4 our pro users will be getting two new charts: bar charts and a trend line, check out the pictures below for examples.

You can now quickly navigate in the calendar to specific point in time, this will reduce the number of swipes :)

And a new combined data of a quarter is now added to all views for improved granularity.

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2 opmerkingen
17 jan.

Is the new "Bar Charts" feature already implemented in Android version of 8.4.1 ?

I'm not seeing how to use / access that feature.

Please advise...

Guy Talmor
Guy Talmor
19 jan.
Reageren op

Hi Dan,

It is implemented in 8.4.1. The bars are only shown in combined data view, tap the "Standard View" button above the graph to selected the combined view parameters.

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