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User survey 2022

Many thanks to everyone who participated in our user survey! Your answers will help us focus on what matters the most to you and improve going forward. We want to share some of the results and let you know how will they affect upcoming versions.

What did we learn?

Most of you use on Android. This was expected as the other platforms have only been added in the last year. Other platforms are gaining momentum as well, which is encouraging to see.

Over 60% of the users who filled out the survey use the app at least once a day and over 85% have been using it for at least a year. Most of you are likely to recommend the app to friends and you have a good opinion of the design and ease of use of the app. This is very exciting for us to hear!

The most common usages of the app are health and habit logging, with a long list of individual use cases like pet care and car maintenance. Of the features we asked about, you use dashboard customization the most. Most of you have not used the web app yet but are definitely planning to do so. Many of you also said it's good to know that the option is there, should you find yourself without your mobile device.

Our next focus

One of the most important questions that we asked was about the features you would like us to implement or improve. The most common request was more data visualization and we will deliver that in the coming versions.

Many of you suggested additional feature requests that did not exist in the original questions. Some of these are likely to appear as well, for example better export control and a new color scheme. The color issue is a bit tricky as the app needs a brand color and it can not be selected from a list of colors, but we will try to improve it. Some have asked for features which already exist which means we need to improve the exposure of those features.. (You can change red/green colors for higher/lower values in unit settings, you can select dark mode in settings)

Thanks to the survey we now have a long to-do list for the app. It will take some time to implement all of them but we will do our best! Expect a stream of improved versions in the next few months :)


The survey is now closed, but as always we value your feedback. Feel free to send us any further ideas by email. Also some of you requested graph improvements without specifying them – please let us know how we can do better.

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